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There will be an iPhone 14?


With the exception of iPhone 12 which was delayed due to covid-19 pandemic new features will be very soon generally announced and also releasing in September 2022. will be released during something the second half of the year 2022.

What will be the price of iPhone 14?

Apple company announced and released in October 21,2022. That will a good way of future, but supply chain already painting a picture of model what to expect. They charge round about 99,990 in India. Other countries have different prices of iPhone 14 model.

What specifications of iPhone 14?

There will be stunning features and specifications in this model;

  • 4Gb Ram
  • 64Gb Internal storage
  • Base variant
  • Black, Gold colors

What will be iPhone 14 be called?

IPhone released in 2022 is called ultimately depends on what Apple calls the iPhone model introduced in 2021. If the 2021 iPhone model is marketed as the iPhone 13, then we expect the 2022 iPhone model to be the iPhone 14.


  1.  No Notch
  2. Under –display
  3. Face ID
  4. No Camera Bump
  5. Camera improvements
  6. Screen-Sizes
  7. Port less
  8. Body Design
  9. Pro motion display
  10. Titanium
  11. Cooling
  12. Lightening port
  13. A 16 Chip
  14. snapdragon X65 Modem
  15. satellite connectivity
  16. 2 TB storage
  17. Launch Date

No Notch:

The biggest change that we currently expect with the 2022 iPhone is the removal of the notch cutout. That notch first time introduced in iPhone X model and it has still stayed same since then. The notch is where apple houses its sensors for things like Face ID.

But, according to Ming chi they will analyst iPhone KUO reports that Apple will drop the notch in 2022. Starting with the high-end iPhone 14 pro.


That the design of iPhone 14 will be the design of “punch hole design”. This is similar to what’s currently used on many high-end designs. Kou says that the punch hole design will only come to fruition if Apples prototyping and production go according to plan. Apple’s current goal is to bring the hole punch design in the only in high end and 14 pro max.

2. Under Display

Apple analyst Ming chi said in march 2021 that in 2022 models of iPhone would have no notch and would have to adopted hole punch design in it that also been popular in many android phones.

3. Face ID

this hole punch will be a center placed cutout that’s for the front facing camera.

4. No camera Bump

According to Prosser, at least some models will not a feature of camera bump.

5. Camera Improvements

According to KUO, will also include dramatic improvements to the front facing camera.

6. Screen sizes

will also have not included mini form factor like the iPhone 12 and 13. Apples suggested and offer four iPhone in two different screen sizes:

  • 6.1 inches
  • 6.7 inches

7.  Port less

Apple also suggested to include in iPhone 14 could introduces a port less I Phone.

8. Lightening Port

This iPhone would not feature a Lightening Port, and instead be completely wireless. Therefore, its may be possible to first time that iPhone 14 will be available without a Lightening Port.

9. Body Design

The iPhone 14 models are expected to look like the iPhone 13 models with the same flat-edged design, but in addition some display changes there will be changes to the Body design.

10. Pro Motion Display

All four of the iPhone 14 models coming in 2022 could support 120 Hz promotion display technology rather than just the pro models.

11. Titanium

Apples also upcoming iPhone 14 models are also expected to come with a high-end titanium alloy chasses design.

12. Cooling

There are already smartphones from companies like:

  • Samsung
  • Razor
  • LG

That all used vapor chamber cooling technology, which is used to keep a device cooler when it is under heavy stress.

13. A 16 CHIP

Each new iteration of the iPhone comes with an updated A-series Chip and for the iPhone 14, we are expecting from Apples A16 chip.

14. Snapdragon X65 Modem

The iPhone 14 will use the QUALCOMM snapdragon X65 modems, which is considered the worlds first 10 Gigabit 5G modem and antenna system for smartphones.

15. Satellite Connectivity

Apples plan to implement satellite-based emergency features that will let users to send texts in emergency situations.

16. 2TB storage

With the iPhone 13 pro models, apples added a new 1TB storage tier that are completely a rumor Apple could increase that even further to 2TB.


Apple is expected to introduce the iPhone 14 models at an event that’s likely to be held in September 2022, if Apple follows previous launch timelines.

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