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THE RULES OF THE SUMMIT “uttered” on the Slaves

THE RULES OF THE SUMMIT “uttered” on the Slaves

The first decision of the referees committee after the Statement of AL-ITTEHAD Club

Al-Ittehad Club Saudi Arabia Also we can say it Al-Ittehad Jeddah or in simple words we can say it Al-Ittehad which means that the union Saudi premiere league football club based in Jeddah. The club was presented and founded was on 4th January 1927. Before the 3rd state of the Saudi Government was declared. That was first and oldest sports club of the Saudi Arabia. The team won Winner Cup in 1999 and two Champion Leagues titles in 2004, 2005 and as for as going on to compete in the 2005 FiFA CLUB world Cup. THE RULES OF THE SUMMIT “uttered” on the Slaves

According to Saudi 360:

A Saudi press report reveals the first action of the referees Committee in the football Association, after the statement of AL-ITTEHAD CLUB against the referees of the summit match against Al-Shabab. THE RULES OF THE SUMMIT “uttered” on the Slaves

THE RULES OF THE SUMMIT “uttered” on the Slaves

AL-ITTEHAD lost against AlShabab 2-0 that scored from Odion lghalo at 10/23/2021 on Friday in the match they brought both of them together for the 9th week of the Prince MUHAMMAD bin Salman professional league competition. THE RULES OF THE SUMMIT “uttered” on the Slaves

From famous Saudi News Paper Al-Riyadia the referees committee will summon the rules and regulations of the MUHAMMAD bin Salman professional league to a held meeting in Jeddha on next Monday.

In this meeting the main motive is that the referees committee discuss in meeting to its referees’ mistakes occurs in the past matches, and also listen to the referees who managed the 9th week of the summit the match between both teams

  1. Al-Ittehad
  2. Al-Shabab
THE RULES OF THE SUMMIT “uttered” on the Slaves

So, Faisal Al-Balawi took over the task of managing the both teams Al-Ittehad Al-Shabab match at Friday and was assisted by

  • Faisal Al-Qahtani
  • Issa Al-Khaibri
  • Khaled Al-Juhani

And the judge is:


The Summit match witnessed some Controversial and Arbitration Cases, Al-Ittehad players objected to more than one case also including second score of the Youth also goal scored by Lghalo in the 67th minutes due to an uncalculated error occurred against Romarinho before the goal was scored.

The referee of Al-Ittehad Al-Shabab teams Faisal Al-Balawi declare issue red card in match to face of Al-Ittehad player Hammad Al-Shamrani after a violet intervention in a joint ball with Al-Shabab player Carlos Junior, during the next “50minutes.”

THE RULES OF THE SUMMIT “uttered” on the Slaves

The federation issued an official statement, in its which clarified that it adhered to its position in support of the local government during the last period, and the club did not respond to all the demands to attract Foreign Referees to manage the teams matches.

According to Western Club Statement Indicated:

The team was subjected to refereeing errors that took all the players out of the atmosphere of the match as it was in progress, and accordingly board of the directors decided to request

“Foreign Referees for all the team’s upcoming matches”


THE RULES OF THE SUMMIT “uttered” on the Slaves;

Al-Ittehad Club stated in its statement that this request was made in order for the team to avoid the pressures and the mistakes committed against it matches.

So, the Statement confirmed that the management of the western club will address the competent authority regarding what happened from the second assistant referee between the two halves halves of the match towards the player Abdul Rehman from Al-Aboud.

The Executive Director Hamed Al-Balawi of Al-Ittehad Club:

Said in media statements after the match that the assistant referee has “uttered” Abdul Rehman the team’s player from Al-Aboud between the halves of the summit meeting.

THE RULES OF THE SUMMIT “uttered” on the Slaves

Al-Ittehad Fell to second place in the Saudi Professional League standing after losing to Al-Shabab where Al-Leith’s balance stopped at Total 17 Points.

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